Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

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Golden Charter Pre-paid Funeral Plans

For many people, paying for their funeral has become an established way of looking at the future; smart planning for later life, just like making a Will.. We work solely with Golden Charter- the largest Funeral Plan Provider for Independent Funeral Directors.

By planning ahead now, you can avoid the worry of setting aside even bigger funds later on – or leaving the financial burden of funeral costs to family. You can then be assured you will get the funeral you want and save loved ones from any uncertainty over your final wishes.

Financial Security

You can be sure that your money will always be secure. Golden Charter is a Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) registered provider and is committed to protecting your payment. Depending on how you wish to pay, funds are either paid into the Golden Charter Trust or to one of the UK’s leading life assurance companies.

A Guarantee that covers Funeral Directors services

W.S. Ingham & Son Ltd have over 700 plans to date for local families just like yours; with a Golden Charter funeral plan, you choose the funeral you want. The price agreed today for the Funeral Director’s services is guaranteed, so regardless of when the plan is needed, we will not ask for any further fees for those services specified within your plan.

Our Funeral Plans

We understand that everyone has different needs. Our Plans are straight forward and easy to understand – by offering a choice of a Simple Direct Cremation or a Standard (fully tailored) Plan we give you a choice to select what’s right for you with a budget to suit.

All our plan prices include the Plan set-up fee – this is the cost Golden Charter charge for administering the plan and is not refunded if the plan is cancelled after the 30-day cooling off period.

Simple Direct Cremation

This is our simplest plan for those who do not wish to hold a funeral service and simply wish us to make the necessary arrangements for the Cremation without any service taking place.

£1,749.00.00 + Third Party Charges (Disbursements)

  • Arrangements during office hours at FD premises

  • Transfer of deceased from a local address

  • Removal at any time

  • Simple quality coffin

  • Deceased to be dressed in a funeral gown

  • Viewing in our Chapel of Rest during office hours

  • Hearse

  • Four W.S. Ingham bearers

Standard Plan

This plan includes the services associated with a traditional funeral and gives families the flexibility to tailor services at the time of need. The service can take place in Church, Cemetery Chapel, at the graveside or Crematorium Chapel. This plan can be tailored to meet your needs.

£3,034.00 + Third Party Charges (Disbursements)

  • Arrangements during office hours at FD premises

  • Transfer of deceased from a local address

  • Removal at any time

  • Oak veneered coffin

  • Option to dress the deceased in own clothes

  • Viewing in chapel during office hours

  • Provision of a donation box and administration of donations

  • Date and time chosen with family

  • Hearse

  • 1 limousine with seating for up to five passengers

  • Funeral cortege from home address

  • Up to four W.S. Ingham bearers

  • Ceremony at crematorium, Church, Chapel or graveside service (for burial)

Third Party Charges (Disbursements)

Third Party Charges (also known as Disbursements) are not included in either of our plans. These costs are set by others and are outside of W.S. Ingham & Son Ltd control – they tend to rise annually and often above the level of inflation. These include charges for a Minister/Celebrant; Church fees; Crematorium and Cemetery charges; Doctor’s fees for cremation documentation etc.

For this reason, we do not include an amount for these charges. However, we can give you an indication of how much these will be (at current day prices) and you may choose to add and pay an additional amount as a contribution towards theses costs. Making a contribution for Third Party Charges is entirely your choice and gives you the flexibility to include an amount you can afford within your plan. This contribution will be held in your plan and used to pay the relevant charges at the time of need. Any shortfall in the amount will need to be paid by your representative. Any excess in this allowance can be used for other services such as flowers, catering etc or will be reimbursed back to your representative.

If you would like to discuss further or to take a plan please call into the office or contact us on 01623 621114