Children’s Funerals

Children’s Funeral Fund (CFF)

Children’s Funeral Fund (CFF)

For the funeral of children under aged 18 years on the day of death and still born babies on or after the 24th week of pregnancy where the burial or cremation is due to take place in England the Government will make the following payments:

Coffin: up to £300.00 towards the published price

Medical Fees: Any applicable fees for Doctors, Medical Examiner and Medical Referee

Cremation Fee: The standard published price

Cemetery Fees: The purchase and interment fees for a selected grave together with the right to erect a memorial (but not the memorial itself)

Gravedigger Fees: The charge for the gravedigger when this is not included in the cemetery fee above

Additional Third Party (Disbursement) charges may apply for other services

W. S. Ingham & Son Ltd will provide a simple funeral service free of charge for children, which includes arranging the funeral, transfer of your loved one into our care, a motor hearse and a white veneered casket or simple oak veneered coffin (to the value of £300). If you require additional services or upgraded casket or coffin these will incur charges – please enquire with us.

For a more tailored funeral please do not hesitate to contact us.