The Funeral Arrangements

The task of arranging a funeral is not something any of us would want to do, this together with the distress and emotional upset may leave you unsure of what to do next, it is exactly this situation that our Funeral Directors have been trained to understand and deal with.

Arrangements are made with you in our office, or in your own home, or by telephone by appointment. The Funeral Director will spend time with you and provide you with full information about all our services. You will be given the opportunity to personalise your loved one’s funeral to ensure a dignified and respectful service.

Our Funeral Director will point out the procedures and legal requirements as applied to every stage of the funeral.


There are a number of options on where to hold a funeral service. You may wish to have a local Church service, a service at a Crematorium, or a venue of your own choice. The funeral service may be conducted by; a Minister from any religious denomination, a Humanist Officiant, a Civil Celebrant or a member of the family/close friend. Our Funeral Director will assist you in selecting the most appropriate person and liaise with them for you.

Funeral Directors Charges

During the initial interview, the Funeral Director will leave you with an information pack and also a full written estimate of the costs involved, in accordance with the SAIF code of practice. The estimate will be fully explained to you and you will be asked to sign the estimate as your consent that you accept the charges for the funeral. Once a funeral date and time has been confirmed, you will receive a full written confirmation of the arrangements, along with the final funeral account for payment.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance please call 01623 621114